YourHealthMatters provides all of us in Greater Cincinnati with a neutral and trusted resource for objective information about the quality of care available from providers in our community.

We encourage you to use the website, share it with others, and be an advocate for quality healthcare.


Quality care means getting the care you need, when you need it. Getting quality health care can help you stay healthy or recover when you are sick. However, not all health care is quality care. YourHealthMatters can help you make more informed health care decisions with provider ratings, patient resources and information about the care that is being provided in our community.

There is something you and your doctor can do to improve the quality of health care in Greater Cincinnati. As you search for and receive score results for local physician practices, it is important to know that the results presented on this site are the outcome of both following health goals and maintaining a healthy partnership with your doctor.

YourHealthMatters is founded on the belief that a healthy partnership between patient and doctor can result in an improved quality of health care in the Greater Cincinnati area. You count on your doctor to do his or her part to ensure you receive quality care. And your doctor also counts on you to do your part. With the quality scores and information available on YourHealthMatters, you and your doctor are better equipped to improve your care. By working together, the quality of care in Greater Cincinnati will improve.

YourHealthMatters is helpful for patients because it gives them education. The more they know the better they are going to be able to take control. It helps give them (patients) specific goals so when they go to their doctor they know what questions to ask.
I try to take an active role in my health care and family members ask for my advice.  YourHealthMatters is an invaluable source of information to review when looking for a primary care physician or hospital for myself or my family.   Plus, the information about questions to ask prior to a doctor appointment or hospitalization is great advice for being better informed and feeling empowered.
To have resources like YourHealthMatters and to look at your doctor’s office compared to other doctors offices,  it’s a new innovative thing.  We’re moving up a notch for patients and it’s a great thing.
As an employer, it is important that my customers – the employees and their families – have access to objective information to help them make informed decisions about the care they receive. YourHealthMatters ensures that everyone has access to objective data regarding the quality of care delivered in the region, allowing us to make value-based decisions on where we go for health care.
I’ve seen patients have a very different conversation with their physicians once they’ve been on YourHealthMatters.  That’s truly empowering.


We’re a small team committed to helping you become more informed about healthcare in the Greater Cincinnati area so you can make the best decisions about your health. Feel free to reach out to us anytime through our contact page.

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